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Kaleidoscope by Joanna Borromeo: A must for Jazz/R&B fans and a delicious dessert for the rest of us

By Patrick O'Heffernan

Joanna Borromeo is an enigma – a good one.  She can make you think, cry and dance , sometimes all at once, sometimes s on different songs on a single album and sometimes in a single song.  She writes and sings what is best described (and how she describes it) as alt. blues and R&B. She combines blues, rock, hip hop, gospel  and jazz in a way is comfortable in a blues venue, a jazz club, a hip hop scene or a rock showcase as well as in the studio.   In live performances, she centers the stage with her keyboard and  wows audiences and critics with a cream- smooth voice and lively songwriting. Her recorded songs equal the live shows in intensity and wallop.  Awesome is an overused word, but listening to Joanna Borromeo is exactly that – and awesome experience with an awesome talent.

It is not surprising that this album was nominated for a Juno Award as the best R&B recording in Canada and that her very first album hit the top ten on the blues, jazz, hip hop  and R&B charts and won her the John Lennon Songwriting prize and top spot in the Great American Songwriting contest.  And  she  just keeps getting better.

The nine songs on Kaleidoscope show off her full range, but draw you most deeply into her gentle voice which can warm your heart like a candle in the window or cut your jugular like a hot steel blade.  Either way, you are left breathless but satisfied.  Magically, she can take the minutia of life – the feel of fresh air, the shyness about  asking a person to dance – and arrange it musically for universal appeal while keeping her unique style.

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Source: Music Junkie Press

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