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Joanna Borromeo - "Wanna Love You"

"Few things are as euphonic as a beautifully made R&B song. Thankfully, Joanna Borromeo provides a treat for our ears with her newest offering, “Wanna Love You”. The Canadian R&B/jazz/soul songstress has talent, style, and ideal instrumentation, and her song’s melody is smooth; the soft vocal undertone, the ethereal keyboard, the snapping rhythm, the subtle drumroll about halfway through the piece, and all. While the instrumentation is on point, Borromeo’s stunning vocals are what really catch the ear; she sings with enough soul to drop your jaw, but then pulls back and can croon as gently as ever. Her sound draws strong comparisons to many early R&B stars, especially Diana Ross, which is a great sound to hear revived, and we advise you to revel in the former’s effort below."

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