good times in love

Its been a long coming
Four seasons gone with the wind
There was nothing sacred 'bout my living
At least in my own mind
At last the wheels are going again
After a thousand circles drawn
With no end to the time that was spent in the dark
Of the tunnel I was in
But somehow I found a way to begin

The good times in love
The good times in love

At last I felt my toes touch the sand
All I could see was the way my hair
Played with the beams of light
That flashed through the sea I was downing myself in
Somewhere between feeling live and dead
I caught the very fear that plagued my heart
It sat like a stone made of glass, and when it broke
I was set free to roam the places my heart felt I should know

Like the good times in love
The good times in love

I turned my ears off, my head would tell me lies
I traded my town for isolated time
Sold everything off, I packed all my bags
And I left them all behind

For the good times in love, yeah
The good times in love, oh yeah, yeah, yeah