Joanna Borromeo is Canada's up-and-coming Soul/Jazz music artist.  A grade school classmate once told her that "big things come in small packages".  Little did he know that she'd take it to heart.

Landing a 2014 JUNO Award nomination as an independent artist is no easy feat, especially in a category like R&B/Soul Recording of the Year.  With a music scene so full of amazing talent these days, how does one stand out?  Being a multi-instrumentalist and a great songwriter is an excellent place to start.  Joanna Borromeo is an incredible keyboard player with a voice so powerful that it would be a mistake to skip over what she has to offer the music world.


Paying closer attention to her writing, you'll realize that she's deliberate in the way she crafts her songs, and she isn't afraid to let emotion drive her music.  Her writing is reflective in every sense of the word.  She draws inspiration from everything she touches, sees and hears, wasting no opportunity to observe and experience.  Still, at the end of the day, she writes for herself first, hoping that her music connects with anyone else tuned in.

Joanna Borromeo is currently one of the most well-rounded solo artists in Canada.  Her third recording project, Letters to the Muse, is already underway.  Her first single "Wanna Love You" was released in February 2014 and there are three more singles to be released in the coming months.  She's currently one of the country's most well-rounded solo artists and it may even be that she is the artist's artist, one who aspires to stir the masses while maintaining her own fascination with music.