“Borromeo’s stunning vocals are what really catch the ear; she sings with enough soul to drop your jaw.”
— HillyDilly.com


“Joanna is the kind of artist that stops you dead in your tracks.”
— Marcus Rodriguez, Dir. of Leadership & Programs, ASI, CalState LA
“Not only can Joanna sing with the best of them, she is accomplished on piano and rhodes, and knows how to arrange the band to great affect.”
— Splinters & Candy
“Joanna’s the real deal. In an age of mass-produced “artistry”, she stands apart. She’s clearly done her homework, having studied the legendary and contemporary voices of R&B and Soul music. But she’s gone that step further: she’s synthesized her many influences into a style that pays homage to the greats without resorting to clichés or pure mimicry. Joanna’s emerged as the artist’s artist, with a unique and refreshing sound.”
— Andrew Craig, CBC Radio


In 2010, Joanna Borromeo turned the heads of audiophiles and members of the underground urban music scene with her first independent EP, Through The Dark. It was an album that brilliantly captured the depth and range of talent that the young artist first stepped forward with.  The record landed on a range of Top 10 radio charts for R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz.  Selections from the record also garnered wins from the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and Great American Song Contest.  Interestingly though, Through the Dark was a test-run in record production for the Canadian-born independent artist.  During that time, she was actively involved with a number of bands as a full-fledged freelance musician, covering a diverse list of musical genres including gospel, hip hop, alternative soul, indie rock/country, folk/singer-songwriter, Afro-Caribbean jazz fusion, and "rootsy" instrumental folk-jazz. 

Three years following the release of Through the Dark, Joanna put forth a solid full-length record.  While seamlessly threading elements of R&B, jazz and hip hop, Joanna made a record that was undeniably soulful and polished with pop-like sensibilities.  The songs, though diverse as they were, maintained a common ground.  And fittingly, she called it Kaleidoscope.


Shortly after Kaleidoscope was released, Joanna received nation-wide recognition from the Canadian music industry.  Kaleidoscope brought Joanna a Juno Award nomination for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year and a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Urban Recording of the Year. The record also caught the attention of music blogs such as BamaLoveSoul.com, SoulBounce, and The Next 2 Shine, and landed at #9 on the National Jazz Charts in Canada within a week of its release.


Currently, Joanna is happily back in experimentation mode, touring regularly through California and writing new material for her next EP.  Not wanting to leave her quickly developing fan base without a taste of what's to come, she's released a few demo singles that see her go deeper into more electronic versions of R&B and hip hop, as seen in her most popular singles, "Wanna Love You" and "Sun Come In".

At the end of the day, Joanna Borromeo is a passionate  artist of soul/jazz music. Being one who can confidently take a run at whatever kind of music she sets her eyes on makes her an emerging artist to keep our eyes on.